What is the truth of the era in which we live?

Walter Benjamin called capitalism "a religion of destruction". It is a religion because it is based on faith-untested and unproven by the individual acolyte*- in materialism and rationalism. It is a passive worldview; a negative theology. Even in the 1920's, Benjamin recognized "the destruction of the world as the real goal of the world capitalism-its systemic hope and trascendental ideal".
Disbelief in any spiritual reality is also a belief system. The capitalist mind perceives the world purely in terms of material resources to be used in its benefit, to increase productivity and profit without thought of long-term consequence. If there is still a vague and oppresive sense of guilt, of wrongness and imbalance, this gnawing* guilt spurs capitalism on to greater acts of consumption, more violent attempst to subjugate nature, more totalizing efforts to create distractions. To the "rational materialist" mind, death is the end of everything; this thought feeds its rage against nature, which has placed it in this position of despair. The destruction of the world is revenge against the vanished God, and the drastic attempt to invoke the spiritual powers.
Benjamin writes:
Capitalism is probably the first instance of a cult that creates guilt, not atonement*... The nature of the religious movement which is capitalism entails its endurance right to the end, to the point where the universe has been taken over by that despair which is actually its secret hope. Capitalism is entirely without precedent, in that it is a religion which offers not the reform of existence but its complete destruction. It is the expansion of despair, until despair becomes a religious state of the world in the hope that this will lead to salvation.

palabras grandes:
*acolyte-a devoted follower or attendant
*gnawing-to chew on, as to bite
*atonement-reconciliation or an instance of reconciliation between God and humans

no sera toda la verdad de la era en que vivimos pero toca uno de los temas que mas nos están afectando nuestro diario vivir, el capitalismo. ideología y religión de todo aquel que forma parte del consumismo desmedido, la no tolerancia y la necesidad de información masticada, fácil de digerir y creer como verdad absoluta.

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